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"Te korikori" In Maori means "The movement" while "Te kori" means "to play". Theres no reason why giving back or starting a movement can't be centered around having fun. Let's inspire  a world of change, love, and togetherness. 


Let's change the world and have a good time doing it. 


Our mission starts with a simple question: What if we could make serious change in the world we live in and center it around having a great time and bringing people closer together? Here at TeKori we really believe that to be possible.


By bringing people together at an array of different events, be it businesses, patrons, or other charity organizations, we can use those events as a platform both for awareness, donations, and as a means for people to come together and enjoy life a little more.  Together, we can build a future we can all be proud of, with a lot more love and a lot more togetherness, and we can have a great time doing it.


Who's behind TeKori? Two brothers who grew up in Southeastern Massachusetts with a vision to change the world we live in and the way we live for the better. Where we grew up was once a bustling blue collar town. However that was before our time. By the time we came around, the city had changed drastically and not for the better. After both of us having gone to college, we wanted to find a way to leave our mark on our community and change it for the better.


 We quickly realized that this mission is much bigger than the two of us and our community. We realized that if we create a medium that combines coming together, having great time, and doing good, then we can inspire change on a much larger scale. So we did exactly that.


We believe that by first making change in local communities, through hosting events, selling merchandise, and partnering with local businesses and officials, we can make  further change with the same blueprint at a higher level.  We believe that we all have an obligation, as human beings, to love one another, help when we can, and leave the world in better shape than when we got here. We believe that working together is the route of leaving a positive mark on the world. So let's start a mission around loving one another, caring about one another, and helping one another, and together we can change the communities we live in, the world we live in, and the way we live for the better.

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